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Driving FAQs | Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions

  • Vehicle License Renewal

  • What is required to renew my vehicle registration?

    Vehicle technical inspection to be carried out by an authorised vehicle testing partner. Applicable only to:
    1. Vehicles older than three years
    2. Pre-Owned Vehicles
    3. Imported Vehicles or vehicles purchased from a private enterprises
    Please note: Vehicle Technical Inspection is valid for only one month and you are required to renew your vehicle registration within 1 month of the Vehicle Technical Inspection

  • What are the full fees for the vehicle inspection?

    AED 50

  • What is the process to renew a vehicle if the vehicle is located outside of the country

    The vehicle is examined at an accredited testing center in the Country and then ratification of the securities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of the UAE and then ratification by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs The procedure is completed by renewing the vehicle at a vehicle licensing centre that are throughout Dubai.

  • What if the insurance certificate is valid for less than one year

    The insurance certificate should be valid for more than 6 months, in this situation the vehicle registration will be renewed for 6 months
    If the vehicle insurance is valid for less than 6 months, the customer will be asked to bring an insurance certificate that is valid for at least 6 months

  • How do I know that my vehicle requires registration renewal?

    The registration renewal deadline is always exactly one year after your vehicle was initially registered. You will be notified by the RTA 1 month prior to expiry via SMS and, depending on your insurance broker, you will also be contacted by the broker. Cars that are less than a year old If you are the second owner of the car that is less than a year old, you will need to renew your vehicle.

  • Fines and Payments

  • I am in Dubai on a visit visa and am driving a rental with my international driver’s license. I have just run a red light, how will I be expected to pay my fines?

    If a fine was issued to you on your rental car, your car hire company will pay this. You must contact your rental company for advice. In most cases, the car rental company will pay the fine(s) and will include those costs in their charges to you. With regard to impounding, the car hire company may request you to give your vehicle to them and they will send it for impounding. Kindly note it is at the discretion of the car hire company to issue you a new vehicle afterwards.

  • What is the process to renew a vehicle if the vehicle is located outside of the country

    Currently, there no additional fees for late payment, it is advised however that your fines be settled as soon as possible in order to avoid any complications in the future. Fine payment will be enforced the next time you attempt to transact with the RTA. You will not be able to transact without clearing (even for vehicle registration renewal) your fines beforehand, for the vehicle you wish to renew.

  • How long do black point fines stay on my record?

    Black point fines will remain on your record for 12 months after the day the fine was issued, after which the points will be removed from your license. If you accumulate 24 black points or more at any specific time, you driver’s license will be revoked for 12 months.

  • I received a radar fine and 10 black points on my colleague’s vehicle, who is legally responsible to pay the fines and who will receive the black points?

    Currently all fines and fees are charged to the vehicle and all black point fines are issued to the vehicle owner, regardless of who was driving. The owner then has the option to transfer the black points to the driver who was actually driving. Commercial and private customers can transfer black points to the driver who actually committed the violation. If the driver who received the black points has an objection, s/he needs to contact Dubai Police.

  • How can I check my fines?

    You can check your fines using one of the following methods: 1. By calling RTA Call Centre (8009090) or Dubai Police (8007777) 2. You can also check your fines online at or 3. You could also visit any of RTA customer service centres in Dubai 4. Finally, you may check your fines at any Emirates or Dubai Islamic Bank ATM.

  • Do I receive a notification when I collect a fine?

    Yes, you may log into the Dubai Police website ( and register for free notification SMSs and/or e-mails. You will need to provide your vehicle information (plate number, category and code) as well your driver information (traffic file number, name, mobile number and e-mail).

  • How long do fines take to be uploaded and the notifications sent?

    Currently, there is no agreement as to when traffic fines are recorded. The majority of fines issued within Dubai are recorded within 48 hours and notifications are sent immediately. Any traffic fines outside Dubai may require additional time to be received and recorded in Dubai. Hence, a specific timeframe cannot be given as to when these fines will be recorded in Dubai

  • At what time do fines usually appear on the website?

    The system updates itself in real-time and as a result, traffic fines can appear at any time in the day

  • Where can I see my fine payment history?

    Currently you can view your fine payment history by visiting any RTA Licensing Agency customer service centre, or by registering with the RTA Licensing Agency online services at ( You can also call the Call Centre on 8009090

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