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Course Information

How safe are your family and you when you are driving? A seasoned and safe driver takes responsibility not only for one’s own safety but also for that of others around them. And this is exactly what EDI’s DEFENSIVE DRIVING COURSE helps you achieve.

 It makes you a responsible and safe driver.

Taking this course will

  • Challenge you to think differently about road users, their behavior and understand their underlying driving psychology
  • Boost up your confidence and give a positive attitude
  • Lower vehicle running costs and costs repercussions of an accident

And Finally

  • Help you actively plan ahead while driving thereby avoiding danger and reducing accident probability

Emirates Driving Institute’s Defensive Driving Course is specifically designed and tested to meet the demanding conditions of UAE as well as GCC.

The course focuses heavily on enhancing the degree of awareness of the attendee. The statistics of accidents are shown and their cause explained, thereby removing the ‘accidents happen to others’ mentality that most drivers have. The course content covers important elements such as observation, traffic hazard recognition, the system of car control, safe following distance, the circle of safety and many other driving techniques such as positioning the vehicle to advantage,  correct driving line and use of speed.  

The course comprises a comprehensive and highly interactive presentation, a detailed briefing on crucial vehicle checks and a thorough in-car practical session where the delegates drive on busy UAE roads alongside our trainers followed by proper review and feedback.

Download Defensive Driving Course Flyer

Following Defensive Driver Training Courses are offered by EDI -

  • Light Motor Vehicle / Car Defensive
  • Heavy Bus Defensive
  • Light Bus Defensive
  • Heavy Truck Defensive
  • Motor Cycle Defensive
  • Forklift Defensive

Course Benefits & USPs

How is the course beneficial?

  • The Defensive driving Course conforms to international driver risk management and reduction practices and will create safer drivers; drivers who actively think about their behaviour and that of other road users. This process brings benefits to drivers, their families and employers alike.
  • The families will worry less about their relative’s safe return after driving and they will also feel safer when being driven in the family vehicle.
  • For employers, number of accidents will be reduced for EDI-trained drivers; the various costs for staff replacement and retraining will be reduced, vehicle repair needs and costs will come down and vehicle fleet insurance premiums will be contained.

Unique Points of EDI’s Advanced Driving Course

  • Whole course is at best western standards, fully approved and accredited by international learned organizations. The only product using proven & leading-edge methodology anywhere eastwards from Europe to Australia.
  • Benchmarked against acknowledged best practices advocated by international organizations and think tanks: ERSO, CEICA, DSA, TDV, Safetynet, and Project Hermes.
  • Unique to this region (GCC) – this course is specifically designed for this region and the drivers therein, it is not a European course rebadged. Made in the UAE for use in the GCC!!
  • We create a Positive Psychological Attitude! EQ, not IQ
  • We show how to recognize and minimize in-vehicle risks.
  • We coach delegates in techniques of Active Planning and Hazard Management.
  • Choice of half-day or full-day courses
  • Each delegate session unique and tailor-made to your driving skills
  • Active on-road assessment of your skills behind the wheels followed by a customized development programme for you
  • The balance of fully interactive theory session and extensive on-road driving
  • Modern, comfortable, high-end fully air-conditioned vehicles
  • Internationally accredited advanced driving trainers
  • Learn about vehicle safety checks

EAD encourages you to THINK RIGHT for greater safety of everyone on the road.

So, gear yourself up to become an advanced and safe driver!

How to register -

  • Walk into the Emirates Advanced Driving (EAD) Department at the EDI Head Office in Al Qusais, Dubai
  • Call Centre: 04 – 2631100

Documents required for the course-

International driver's license/permit or a UAE driver's license which is valid for at least six months before training.

The fee structure for Defensive Driving Course is mentioned below. Download Rate card


Course Format


(in Dhs.) per delegate

(in Dhs.) per delegate

Light Motor Vehicle (LMV)

Full Day (2 Delegates)

8 Hours



Light Motor Vehicle (LMV)

Half Day (1 Delegate)

4 Hours



Light Motor Vehicle (LMV)

Full Day (1 Super Delegate)

8 Hours




Full Day ( 2 Delegates) 

8 Hours




Half Day ( 1 Delegate) 

4 Hours




Half Day

4 Hours




Half Day

4 Hours



* Corporate Discounts are available for group bookings.
* Courses can be conducted at Company Premises.

The above fees do not include VAT​

Training details

Course Structure

Course Timings

Full Day Course * ( 2 Delegates)

9am to 5pm

Half Day Course * ( 1 Delegate)

9am to 1pm

Super Delegate Full Day Course ** ( 1 Delegate)

9am to 5pm

Please note:

* This course is conducted in a ratio of 2:1 in 1 Vehicle.
** This course is conducted in a ratio of 1:1  in 2 vehicles (Salon Car and 4 x 4).

Deliverables to the Delegate:

  • Each Delegate is presented with a Defensive Driving Welcome Kit, a safety prompt card booklet, car stickers with key driving tips, a digital tyre pressure gauge key chain with a tyre pressure booklet.
  • A Record of Development is presented to the delegate at the end of the session for his understanding of his own driving skills and areas of improvement. This will specify his score and also when he should take the next defensive driving course refresher. A copy of each course record is also sent to the sponsoring organization.
  • On successful completion of our Defensive Driver Training Course a Certificate from Emirates Driving Institute will be given.

Download Training Agenda & Instruction Card

Training Location

  • Emirates Driving Institute, Al Qusais
  • Training can also be conducted at company premises for corporate delegates
  • We also conduct this training across UAE and other GCC Countries

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